We used to buy from St Kitts Herbery, are you the same company?

No, we are a totally new and separate company, with new owners, new products, new packaging, a new attitude and a huge love of great smells!

Will my bottles come in a box?

In an effort to reduce packaging (and save the planet a little at a time) all of our bottles come as they are, with no extras for you to put straight in the bin.

Do you have a shop I can visit?

Our new shop is now open! You can find us at:

12 Burn View,
EX23 8BZ

Pop in and say hello 🥳

Our winter opening hours are:

Monday – Saturday: 11:30AM – 2:30PM

Sunday: Closed

For a map, just click through to our Visit Us page here!

Can I see my products being made?

Unfortunately not. As much as we’d love to show you our process, in the interest of both safety and hygiene we cannot have anyone other than staff in the workrooms. Plus, it’s a really small space and we just can’t fit anymore people…

I can see that you are a limited company, are you still an independent business?

We are a completely independent company – in fact we’re such a small team that everyone you speak to will be one of the owners, so please be gentle with us 😉

Are your products cruelty free?

None of our products or ingredients are tested on animals, and the majority of our products are vegan (with the exception of our lip balm, and our chocolate range) so you can buy guilt free.

Who makes your chocolate for you?

We make it all our selves! Albi is our resident chocolatier, but we’re all trained to pitch in where needed (and we all volunteer for the taste testing of course, so we know we’re only selling the best).

Do you provide toiletries for hotels and b&b’s?

We do have a wholesale range, both in single use bottles for an added touch of luxury and refillable bottles for the environmentally conscious. Apply for your account here to see our range and prices or give us an email or call if you’d like to have a chat.

Can I sell your products in my shop?

Of course, we are always looking for ways to make our products more easily available to people. If you’d like to become a stockist then apply for your account here to see our range, prices and terms, or give us an email or call if you’d like to talk more.

Is your packaging recyclable?

The majority of our packaging is recyclable, so keep an eye out for the recycle logo on our labels, We know that there are still some places (our lovely home county of Cornwall being one) that can’t yet take black plastic for home recycling, but to make up for it, we are happy to recycle them for you! Drop us an email, give us a call or text (and once we’re open, please do pop in to the shop) to find out more about our recycling loyalty scheme.

How can I contact your marketing team?

Ah, if only we had a whole team! There’s just the two of us here, but we still welcome all enquiries, so you can find our contact details here and we’ll do our best to answer as quickly as possible.

I’m not happy with my products, who can I contact?

We never want a dissatisfied customer, and since we make the products ourselves it’s very personal when we get it wrong, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch by phone or email and one of us will be in contact as soon as possible. For more info on our returns policy you can click here.

Why can’t I find you on Amazon or Ebay?

We know, we know, they’re the most convenient sites in the world, but unfortunately our products are only available on our own website at the moment. I’d love to give lots of fancy excuses, but it all comes down to time and costs – this is the easiest way to give you the cheapest and fastest service we can manage, with no extra fees for us or you.

Why does your postage cost so much?

We wish we knew! We don’t make any profit on our postage (in fact, we often pay more than we charge), so we’re always looking for ways to keep the cost down. If you have any suggestions then please feel free to get in touch.

When will I receive my order?

We aim to dispatch all orders within one working day, and delivery will depend on your choice of postage option. For more information on our delivery options, please have a read here. We hate to be one of those people, but please do bear in mind that the coronavirus pandemic is still ongoing, and so wait times for dispatch and deliveries could be slightly longer – we promise we’re doing our best.

Do you offer click and collect?

We’re still working on getting click and collect running on our site, but it is in the works and once we have our bricks and mortar shop all fixed up we will be happy to take orders for collection. For updates on our progress, follow us on Facebook or instagram.

Can I buy your products internationally and in the EU?

We wish we could answer differently, but it’s a no. Between the change in cosmetics laws following Brexit, and the sheer cost of the postage that we would have to charge, it isn’t possible for us to ship outside of the UK right now. We’ve still got our fingers crossed for the future though.

You don’t have much of a range of chocolate, will there be any more on offer?

Yes! Don’t worry, our chocolate range is ever expanding, but our chocolatier is also our IT guy (and shop staff, and toiletry maker, amongst other things) so it will take us a little while to build up our stock. Keep your eye out though, it’ll be worth the wait.

I can’t find the product I’m looking for, do you still make it?

To avoid disappointing anyone, you won’t be able to find products on our website that are out of stock (we hope!), so it’s always worth dropping us a line to find out if it’ll be on the shelf soon. 

Can I order over the phone?

Yes and no. We are happy to take orders by phone (we love to talk to all of our customers) but we cannot take card payments over the phone. Instead, we will send you a payment link via Sum Up once you’ve placed your order, and your receipt will be automatically generated once you’ve paid. Feel free to give us a call to order or to ask more.